The Sugar Moon Collection: March 2021

The first Bailuna collection was originally planned for mid-2020, but when I saw it was not looking realistic, I realized we'd have to push the launch back until spring 2021.
I spent the extra months working on furthering my skillset and updating my mood board for the first collection.
Sage green was something I had seen trending in Australia during their summer and our winter. I knew it would be a color I wanted to incorporate into the first collection, as it was transitional from the neutrals of winter into the lighter tones of spring and summer. With that and some accompanying tan tones, I quickly developed a vision for what I wanted the collection to consist of product-wise.
Because the majority of Americans are still not vaccinated and are staying home, and most of the people in my life are still WFH, I wanted the pieces to reflect our new normal, while being able to transition to brunch dates and other outdoor activities as vaccinations continue and the temperatures rise!
It was very exciting to be "behind the camera" and BTS on this, though I still stepped in for some modeling as needed. With COVID, I didn't feel comfortable having multiple models close together without masks, or expanding my "pod" with my grandma and others in it still unvaccinated at the time. Luckily, Melissa and Zack's girlfriend, Chloie, were able to assist me!
In true *me* fashion, I made a playlist for this collection (if you don't know me, I have obscure and uber-specific Spotify playlists that have gone viral on TikTok) and I enjoyed it so much that I'll be making a playlist for every collection now!
I loved putting this collection together, and I can't wait for you to see what's to come in the future!